Welcome to the Garden
Who we Are

Meadows Chilrden's Garden is a seed engendered on the principles of Christian doctrines and values, watered with love, care and aspiration to empower the minds and direct the lives of our young, impressionable seedlings.

This nurturing center will afford your child the very best foundation in all areas of growth and development that they will need for preparation in the many aspects of their lives.

Meadows children's Garden, with its qualified staff, spacious classrooms and stimulating environment, lies on more than 1/2 Acre of beautifully landscaped and secured property.

Your child will receive and enjoy the many benefits of a wholesome curriculum, coupled with interactive and creative learning through play. The enchanting uniquenes of the Garden is featured for your child's timulation and exploration and we trust, for your satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children are a precious gift from God. They are given to us in little packets, filled with joy, love and curiousity, for us to nurture and direct in the way and admonition of the Lord.


Our Mission
We are committed to providing:

  • A stimulating environment that allows children to be creative and independent.
  • Christian principeles and encouraging everyday values.
  • Emotional, social, cognitive and language development.
  • Adquate space for outdoor activity, therefor enhancing physical growth.

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